Fun battles between smart tanks


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ThinkTanks is a third-person action game where you get behind the controls of a unique tank with a brain attached to its roof. With it you have to face off against other enemy tanks on huge open settings.

You can pick from different tanks, each one with its own appearance and attributes (there are heavier ones and lighter ones). That said, regardless of which tank you choose, you can benefit from fun power-ups that make you go faster or shoot more forcefully during short periods of time.

During the battles, your aim is to finish off the other competitors (which may be other players if you play online, or bots if you're playing by yourself) before they destroy your tank's brain.

ThinkTanks is a very fun game that you can enjoy with friends. In the end, launching artillery never goes out of style.

Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: Pentium II400, 64 MB RAM
Graphics card: 16 MB


You can only play the first few levels.

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